People stay for any number of reasons, but here are some we’ve heard in the past: Economic dependence (no money or property ownership)

Physical or Familial Reasons

  • Fear of greater physical danger to themselves and their children if they attempt to leave
  • Fear of losing custody of children
  • Lack of job skills
  • Fear of Isolation
  • Fear of the court process
  • Cultural and religious constraints
  • Fear of retaliation

Emotional Reasons

  • Fear of loneliness
  • Guilt about failure of marriage
  • Fear that mate is not able to serve alone
  • Belief that mate will change
  • Fear of making life changing decisions

Ideology & Thoughts

  • “A violent mate is better than no mate at all”
  • “Failure to maintain the marriage equal failure as a person”
  • People can even justify the behavior by blaming stress, alcohol/drugs, problems at work, unemployment, etc.
  • “The abuser rarely beat me, just once in a while. During nonviolent phases mate may fulfill my dream of romantic love.”
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